Cincinnati to Memphis River Cruise - 9 Day Journey

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Cruise Summary

You can embark on a journey specially crafted for humanitarians. American Queen Voyages will partner with clubs to provide an opportunity for the international service organization’s participants to network aboard the American Countess and assist local clubs in the process.

Included Tours:
• See ports of call below for information on included tours.

Premium Shore Excursions:
• See ports of call below for the options available to you.

Post-Cruise City Stay Package:
• Extend your journey with an unforgettable 3-day/2-night city stay package.

*All events and tours are subject to change without notice.

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Hotel Stay – Cincinnati, OH

Enjoy your complimentary stay at the pre-cruise hotel. The evening is yours to become acquainted with the city. Our Hospitality Desk will be located in the hotel, and our friendly staff can assist with everything from general questions about your upcoming voyage to reserving premium experiences. Both American Queen Voyages and local representatives will be readily available to provide you with dining, entertainment and sightseeing options to maximise your time here.

Day 2: Cincinnati, OH

Departure 5:00 PM
Take a stroll through Cincinnati – the birthplace of baseball and its own distinctive chilli recipe. The city is filled with downtown destinations that flaunt shops and amenities. Bound by the many parks; each district has its own personality, and you can meet them all – because the city’s compact downtown is anchored to the river, where our guests meet the shore. New hotspots and long-lasting classics give this oasis of commerce its colorful character. Seize the day in this old-fashioned urban jewel on the Ohio.

Premium Shore Excursions
Pre-Cruise Cincinnati Experience

Our journey will begin as we travel through historic Riverside Drive on our way to the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, where stunning views of stained-glass windows are accented by Gothic-style arches. Continue to the childhood home of former US President William Howard Taft, where an impersonator will guide us through the home, introducing us to Taft’s life. After our departure from this National Historic Site, embark on a guided journey through Cincinnati, weaving through the heart of the city past iconic attractions and historic locations before concluding the day at picturesque Eden Park.

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Day 3: Madison, IN

Tucked away between Cincinnati and Louisville is Madison, a quaint river town rich in character. This charismatic port flaunts its personality throughout the streets, where a 130-block historic district showcases its collection of classic architectural artistry. Admire the antique machinery at the Schroeder House, or an example of fine craftsmanship at the Lanier Mansion State Historic Site. The downtown shopping district is a unique showcase of unbeatable hospitality, with each shop locally owned and operated. Madison’s heritage is woven into every stop, ensuring a glimpse of beauty and history. Join us to discover all the hidden treasures of Madison.

Included Shore Excursions
  • Madison Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

    Incorporated in 1809, Madison quickly established itself as a significant cultural and industrial town in the Old Northwest Territory. Sitting on the Ohio River, the town became a lifeline for transportation and industry in the middle territories of the country. Madison also served as a major transportation network for the Underground Railroad in the 1800s. Today, this quaint river town is sure to win the heart of guests. With plenty of small-town charm, it is no wonder why Madison was once called “the most beautiful river town in America” by Charles Kuralt.

Premium Shore Excursions
Madison Scenic Jet Boat Experience

Join us on a scenic jet boat ride as we explore 40 miles on two of America’s great rivers. Board the Coast Guard approved jet boat for an unforgettable ride on the Ohio River to Carrollton, Kentucky, then ride up the Kentucky River to the historic Lock 1. Soak in the beautiful sights along the way as Captain Paul shares stories of the river, points out historic locations and helps you spot local wildlife. Enjoy the good laughs, amusing anecdotes, and remember to keep an eye out for bald eagles, osprey, river otters and more!

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Day 4: Brandenburg, KY

The essence of Kentucky radiates, from its bourbon traditions to a tableau of rolling farmland. Soul-stirring river views and Southern warmth welcome those who pursue relaxation. Mysteries of the Civil War enlist lifelong learners on the battlefield while sprawling parks and trails make way for recreation. The grass is bluer in Brandenburg and all the surrounding areas.

Included Shore Excursions
  • An American Leader: The Life and Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

    Today we will trace the life of the sixteenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. In Hodgenville, Kentucky, we will visit the Lincoln Museum, where of three-dimensional wax figures, life-size dioramas, exhibits and campaign posters build the background of Lincoln’s story. Step outside to Lincoln Square, where an impersonator will stand in front of a six-foot brass Lincoln statue and continue telling the story. Finish the day at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, where we will discover Lincoln’s humble beginnings.

Premium Shore Excursions
  • General George S. Patton: A Legacy of Leadership

    Attention! Join us for an exclusive opportunity to explore one of the United States Army’s renowned military complexes, Fort Knox. Known widely for the US Mint gold depository located on the premises, Fort Knox is perhaps the most secure fort in the United States. Today, Fort Knox houses US Army facilities with multiple purposes, many of which we will see throughout our journey. American Queen Steamboat Company guests have been granted special permission to receive a driving tour through the fort and explore the innovative General George Patton Museum of Leadership. Discover the lifetime achievements and sought-after leadership qualities of one of the United States’ esteemed World War II Generals. At ease!

    All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Day 5: Owensboro, KY

The exuberance that pervades the sounds of folk music flows through the community of Owensboro. Each of its spaces is a lovely ballad that tugs at the heartstrings of visitors – from the notes of bourbon distilleries to bumbling butterflies in the botanical garden. The tawny banks of this river jewel extend a warm welcome, and invite you to experience the beauty in bluegrass. 

Included Shore Excursions
  • Owensboro Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

    The first European descendant to settle in Owensboro was frontiersman William Smeathers or Smothers in 1797, from whom the Riverfront Park is named. The settlement was originally known as Yellow Banks from the color of the land beside the Ohio River. In 1817, Yellow Banks was formally established under the name Owensborough, which was renamed in 1893 to its current Owensboro. The city has been a hub for bourbon production because of its location along a rail line and waterway, its tremendous limestone water source, its extensive oak forests, and because local farmers have always produced a great deal of corn. Owensboro is also home to famous actor Johnny Depp, as he is a member of an old and prodigious Kentucky family.

Day 6: Henderson, KY

Capture your inner artisan in the home of James Audubon and W.C Handy. Hospitality flows freely through a vibrant downtown that kisses the rolling river. Wide streets welcome guests and showcase historic preservation that awakens a classic ambiance in storefronts and homes. Discover nature fingerprinted with humanity in the many parks and trials that showcase artistry throughout the town. Greetings from Henderson – a walkable community wrapped in warmth.

Included Shore Excursions
  • Henderson Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

    Since 1797, Henderson has provided commerce and inspired two renowned artists. Naturalist John James Audubon discovered his calling here, observing and painting many works for Birds of America, the most recognized natural history book in the world. Musician W.C. Handy also lived in Henderson, and for over 25 years the town has been celebrating the W.C. Handy Blues & Barbecue Festival, one of the largest free music festivals in the nation. As once one of the richest communities per capita in the country, Henderson gained much of its wealth during tobacco’s heyday. This led to the construction of many beautiful 19th century homes, many of which are still standing in the historic downtown.

Day 7: Paducah, KY

In the hands of artists, modern Paducah was thrown into form. Fingertips muddied with passion and eased by the vision of river water glided along the surface to pull up the community and create the National Quilt Museum. Residents backstitch past into present, then bind appreciation for culture – ensuring that the seams of history will not soon come undone. The people of Paducah have taken great care to orchestrate every crevice of its community into a symphony of craft and color. Life is a work of art, and the town of Paducah certainly is alive and well. Feast in this foodies’ fantasy. Uncover mastership. Catch a glimpse of Paducah. Explore the art and culture of this vibrant town.


Day 8: New Madrid

New Madrid was founded in 1776 by Spanish Governor Esteban Rodríguez Miró who welcomed Anglo-Saxon settlers, but required them to become citizens of Spain and live under the guidance of his appointed impresario, the Revolutionary War veteran Colonel William Morgan of New Jersey. Some 2,000 people settled in the region then in 1800, Spain traded the territory to France in the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso, who promptly sold it to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. The city is remembered as being the nearby location for the Mississippi River military engagement, the Battle of Island Number Ten, during the Civil War. It is also famous for being the site of a series of over 1,000 earthquakes in 1811 and 1812, caused by what is known as the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Exploring this quaint river town today will surely steal your heart.

Included Shore Excursions
  • New Madrid Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

    As the first American town in Missouri, New Madrid was founded in the 1780s by George Morgan, an American Revolutionary War veteran and merchant from New Jersey. Named for Madrid, Spain, the town was to be an American colony. Morgan had grand plans for New Madrid, but the Spanish governor of Louisiana, Estavan Miro, was outraged that Morgan had the audacity to create and name his own city (a privilege that only the King of Spain should possess). Morgan’s plans in shatters, he left and returned to the East. Governor Miro reestablished the town, and then in 1811 and 1822, a series of earthquakes shook the region. Some were so intense that they could be felt as far away as New York City, Boston, Montreal and Washington D.C.

Day 9: Memphis, TN

Arrival 8:00 AM
Thank you for cruising with us! We hope that you had a memorable experience and look forward to welcoming you aboard in the future. Enjoy Memphis at your leisure or consider a Post-Cruise Premium Shore Excursion with transfer to the airport for your flight back to the UK.

Premium Shore Excursions
Post-Cruise: The Elvis Experience

Experience the town that “The King” called home on a guided journey through Memphis! Put on your blue suede shoes and board the luxury motorcoach as it departs towards Memphis’ heart and soul– Beale Street!

Oozing with the gritty feeling of the blues and rock `n’ roll, Beale Street’s musical history is alive in every store front lining the road, street band performing on the corner, and brick paving our way. A larger-than-life iconic brass statue of Elvis marks the starting point of the “Walking in Memphis” portion of this exclusive excursion. Here, we will experience the most famous street in Memphis as our local guide leads us through the vibrant city he calls home. Our personal and exclusive guide shares his infectious enthusiasm and love for this southern city as he narrates stories of his favourite attractions as we walk past. A stroll along Beale Street is littered with music, history, culture and the sweet smell of smoky barbeque wafting through the alleys.

The journey continues with Beale Street in our rear-view and the home of The King himself ahead – Graceland Mansion! The presence of Elvis can still be felt within the walls as you walk through the very same rooms as he did after a long day’s performance. Custom crafted and state-of-the art iPads will help guide your way through each room, providing thoughtful narration by actor and Elvis enthusiast, John Stamos as well as personal commentary by Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

At The Graceland Mansion discover distinctly “Elvis” rooms such as the famous “Jungle Room,” an homage to “The King’s” love for Hawaii, featuring green shagged carpets, exotically carved woodwork, and a Polynesian feel. View “Vernon’s Office,” where Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, managed his career, as well as the Trophy Building and Racquetball Building, where you will find hundreds of awards and accolades, received throughout his career as well as those awarded posthumously. Just outside the mansion, a short stroll through the Meditation Garden, where “The King’s” final resting place is located alongside other members of his family. Pay your respects to Elvis and his contributions to American music and entertainment, knowing his legacy resonates throughout the world and spans multiple generations.

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Transportation: Provided
Duration: 5.25 hours

Post-Cruise: Soundtrack of Memphis

Today, we embark on a musical tour of Memphis, Tennessee, the “Birthplace of Rock and Roll.” Activities begin in the early afternoon with a relaxing driving tour of Midtown Memphis’s 342-acre Overton Park, where our first stop is the iconic Levitt Shell amphitheatre. Here, we’ll be treated to a musical performance by our tour guide on the stage where Elvis Presley put on his first paid concert in 1954.

Our driving tour continues through Overton Square, a cultural hotspot of the 1970s that has since been revitalized into a thriving, modern entertainment district. We’ll pass Galloway House, and the Methodist church where Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two put on their first performance. Other sites include Priscilla Presley’s high school, Church Park, and the W.C. Handy House Museum, the turn-of-the-century log shack that was home to the “father of the blues” himself. As a brief intermission from our driving tour, we’ll stop off at the Tennessee Welcome Centre. Then, continue past sites that include Court Square, historic Beale Street, and the National Civil Rights Museum, built around the infamous Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was tragically assassinated in 1968. And no visit to Memphis, “Blues City,” would be complete without seeing the Blues Hall of Fame.

Additional sites that we will see today include the South Main Arts District, the Gibson Guitar Factory, scenic Vance Avenue, Bluff Park, FedExForum, and the WDIA radio station, where soul music first hit the airwaves. We’ll top off our tour with the magnificent Peabody Hotel, the famed Memphis Front Street (also known as “Cotton Row”), and Lauderdale Courts. Time permitting, we’ll see Humes High School –Elvis Presley’s alma mater –and Sun Studio, a rock and roll landmark.

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Transportation: Provided
Duration: 3 hours

Vessel: American Countess


Price: From £2499 pp

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  • 24-Hour Room Service
  • Complimentary wine and beer with dinner
  • Complimentary cappuccino, espresso, specialty coffees, tea, bottled water and soft drinks throughout your voyage
  • Gracious service from a friendly, all-American staff
  • Acclaimed entertainment worthy of Broadway
  • Our own dedicated fleet of deluxe motorcoaches

Available for Purchase: Post-Cruise City Stay Package

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